Faculty of Medicine

Our integrated education program, which is designed to train physicians and scientists who are devoted to the struggle with the health problems of the society and people, who are open to lifelong learning and development, and who will guide the future in the field of medicine with researcher aspects, has been developed with up-to-date knowledge and methods.

Istanbul Atlas University Faculty of Medicine Contemporary medical practice approach based on science and research reflects a dynamic and innovative understanding of education. Our training program focuses on fostering people-oriented doctors who can prioritize health problems and come up with solutions to deal with them through scientific knowledge.

Istanbul Atlas University medical School It aims to train students who have the opportunity to make significant contributions to the medical world by communicating with the scientific world nationally and internationally, observing the latest developments and mastering new medical technology, and in addition to a solid level of consciousness, they also have a command of the use of therapeutic equipment.

The profession of medicine is an honorable profession that aims to protect the health of the individual and society, and to restore and increase the quality of life for people whose health has deteriorated. In our Faculty of Medicine The education system to be implemented is an integrated medical education system. This education model is based on the principle of teaching the anatomical structures, physiological characteristics, histological structure and embryological development processes of tissues and organs in a system and all other lessons by integrating with each other. Thus, the student learns the structures of tissues and organs in a system, their working characteristics, diseases and ways of treatment as a whole. Medical education will be carried out in two main sections as basic medical sciences and clinical sciences. Basic medical science courses will be held in modern classrooms and equipped laboratories in the new and modern building of our university. Our students will receive preclinical skills, attitude and behavior training in our equipped simulation laboratory. Starting from the first year, education in basic medical sciences will consist of "boards" covering a whole of the courses that are close to each other in terms of subject. The courses in the committee include up-to-date basic medical knowledge and laboratory practices in the field of medicine and health.

In the clinical sciences, both theoretical and bedside trainings will be given in our 400-bed modern hospital of our university and by qualified professors. All of the large and small internships will be given by our experienced professors who are experienced in our university hospital.

During your six-year education period, we expect you not only to learn the current medical knowledge and apply it to patients, but also to contribute to the science of medicine with new research on behalf of our country. When our students graduate from our university, they will start their professional life not only as good physicians, but also by gaining the qualification of an active scientist who can do research and synthesize research results with the clinic.

We, as administrators and faculty members Atlas University School of MedicineWe aim to graduate our students as transparent, participatory, open to change and innovations, self-confident, and capable of analysis and synthesis.