Student Representative

Istanbul Atlas University Faculty of Medicine, which started its education and training life in 2020, prepares us for the future with its strong academic staff and state-of-the-art laboratories. The fact that we have expert and student-friendly faculty members in our faculty, and our Dean's Office offers us all kinds of support and opportunities make us feel safe in the parts of our education and learning that we do not see.

Not just a physician; It tries to take us beyond a physician by ensuring that we have national and international experiences, and that we receive our practical training in the first years not only at the school, but also in our hospital and other active practice centers.

In addition to having the latest technology devices in the laboratories of our university, the fact that these devices are sufficient for each student takes away from the 'row-by-row' education approach that arises in group studies and individualizes the applied trainings by offering them the opportunity to work freely and comfortably in their personal field. Practices to be made with two cadavers in our faculty in their first years make the saying 'the dead educate the living here' in every sense.

With the Atlas Grad Institute within our university, it opens the way for both our academic and personal development by offering us international opportunities. The social areas and opportunities within our university offer us the opportunity to establish a communication network and personal development as well as professional development. In addition to the medical books that every medical student needs in the university library, thanks to the library automation, we can access articles, books and journals from all over the world whenever we need them.

At the same time, our university, which is aware that one of the most important steps of raising a physician at an international level is language proficiency, is trying to prepare us for academic and professional life by giving vocational English lessons even for the Turkish Department of Medicine.

47 medical units of our university hospital prepare us to be highly qualified physicians in our professional life by enabling us to see all kinds of cases and clinics.

Üveys Talha AYDEMİR
Faculty of Medicine 1st Class Representative